Stress Management Massages

Swedish Massage

A classic style relaxing massage with gliding kneading manipulation light to medium pressure alleviating muscle stiffness, irritability, insomnia, fatigue.

Excellent for circulation.

Cost: 30 Minute $45.00 | 60 Minute $65.00 | 90 Minute $85.00

Pre/Post Natal Massage

Begins in the second trimester of pregnancy until babies first birthday a light full body massage to accommodate the health and circulation of mothers to be please submit doctors approval prior to service.

Cost: 30 Minute $65.00 | 60 Minute $85.00

Seniors Massage

A very light massage designed to stimulate the blood circulation and alleviate muscle stiffness

Cost: 30 Minute $45.00 | 60 Minute $60.00 | 90 Minute $70.00

Thai Yoga Massage

1 hour $105.00

Reflexology Massage

The practice of applying pressure point massage to specific zones of the feet to help relax corresponding organ systems of the body.

Cost: 30 Minute $75.00 | 60 Minute $95.00 | 90 Minute $115.00

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is relaxing using essential oils extracted from plants, flowers and fruits good for mental alertness release tension muscle soreness and give a sense of well being.

Cost: 30 Minute $70.00 | 60 Minute $90.00 | 90 Minute $110.00

Hot Stone Massage

Soothing massage using heated & chilled stones. Good for arthritis, fibromyalgia increase circulation and reduce pain inflammation this is a comforting and healing massage.

Cost: 60 Minute $105.00

Shiatsu Massage

A finger pressure method that is based on the oriental concept that the body has a series of energy points. When pressure is properly applied to these points circulation is improved and nerves are stimulated.

Cost: 30 Minute $65.00 | 60 Minute $95.00 | 90 Minute $105.00

Lunch Break Chair Massage

This is a fully clothed massage reducing workday stress and enhancing mental alertness.

Cost: 10 Minute $15.00 | 15 Minute $20.00

Neck & Shoulder Stress Buster Massage

Cost: 25 Minute $35.00

Pain Management Massages

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is specific for the muscular areas which are prone to repetitive stress and injuries perfect for person seeking to relieve stress related tension.

Cost: 30 Minute $65.00 | 60 Minute $85.00 | 90 Minute $105.00

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points are small, localized muscle cramps with a variety of causes, most notably excessive loads, direct trauma, or repetitive or prolonged muscle contractions. This massage is designed to focus in on those trigger points and remove lumps or knots in the muscle.

Cost: 30 Minute $75.00 | 60 Minute $95.00 | 90 Minute $115.00

Sports Massage

Address the needs of the athlete by incorporating stretching for joint flexibility and increased range of motion. Designed to prepare an athlete for upcoming events and aid in the bodys regeneration and restoration capacities.

Cost: 30 Minute $70.00 | 60 Minute $90.00

Sacral Therapy Massage

1 Hour $100.00

Other Massages

Reiki Session

Enjoy a sense of calm and experience deep relaxation during this session. The practitioner will be focused and place their hands in a series of positions lightly on the body or above the body.

Cost: 30 Minute $65.00 | 60 Minute $85.00

Tennis Player Massage

Cost: 60 Minute $80.00

Rain Drop Therapy Massage

Cost: 60 Minute $120.00

The Indian Head Massage $50.00

Spa Treatments

Leg Calming Vericose Vein Relief Mask

Contain a complete blend of natural compounds including witch hazel horse chestnut and cypress which are well known for their veinotonic activity.

Cost: $90.00

Deep Hydration Mask

Ideal for sensitive and dry skin. The soft peel off mask leaves smooth nourishing layer on the skin to produce lasting hydration.

Cost: $85.00

Back & Legs Sugar Scrub

Help to exfoliate the skin and add moisture not only removing unwanted cellular debris leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier.

Cost: $90.00

Organic Foot Treatments


Green Tea Leg & Foot Mask Treatment – $49.99

Herbal Peppermint Patty Foot Soak $45.00

Honey Almond Leg Sugar Scrub – $50.00

Eucalyptus Leg Calming Treatment – $35.00

Tired Feet Hot Stone Herbal Treatment – $60.00