Welcome to Our Holistic Wellness Sessions that you can pay for up-front and use at anytime.

Commit to your health

Receiving regular massage is a great way to improve your overall mental, physical and emotional health. Massage benefits can become a valuable wellness tool with consistency and the best way to make any healthy habit a regular habit is to commit yourself and mark it on your calendar. Make that commitment NOW. With a massage wellness commitment you will feel the difference in your body and mind after just one session. This is your time to nurture your body, relieve stress and ease tension and pain. As a member of our sessions or membership, you will enjoy exclusive benefits listed below.


All Massages are Critique to fit your Wellness Needs.

Once A Month Session Program

4 Sessions $460.00
6 Sessions $630.00
10 Sessions $1000.00

Twice A Week Session Program

3 Months $2,400

6 Months $4,800