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I am pleased to introduce to you are purpose and intentions, and share with you the possibilities that we can offer to you as you seek to improve your health holistically.

Here at Butterfly, We are passionate about giving your body the tools to truly heal from the inside out, and we see amazing results in our clients every day.

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Butterfly Essential Holistic Wellness Center was founded on the belief that the body has incredible ability to heal itself. Here at Butterfly we educate you so that you understand what is going on within your body, what is causing it distress, and how you can put it back in balance naturally.

Lynette Thomas, founder of Butterfly Essential Holistic Wellness Center,Is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Holistic Wellness Coach. She is passionate about educating people about the beauty of wellness.

It is her belief that God has created the body with the ability to heal itself. That belief is the cornerstone of all services offered at Butterfly Essential Holistic Wellness Center.

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